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Bali's finest Dog Hotel and Dog Park

Our dog-loving team will take care of your pup while you are away, whether it is for a day, a week, or several months. We consider dogs should enjoy their holidays as much as their parents. We strive to give them the funniest yet safest environment possible, right here in Bali.

our trained staff is teaching the dog how to give the paw. At the dog club bali

Dog training: Obedience and Agility

Building strong puppies since '19. A trained dog is a happy dog as per the saying. Give yours the best shot at being a good boy/girl by joining our personalized training program.

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Dog Spa: premium dog grooming center

Treat your pup with a high-quality bath time after a fun day of playing. Your doggie deserves to look at his best! Grooming with natural products, stylist haircut, massage: we've got you covered.


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have a read at common questions you may have while planning your next visit!

We are here to help!

How do I register my dog?

To join the fun at The Club, you will need to sign-up on our customer portal. You will be asked information on you, your pup, and will have to upload his vaccination book. For more details, please have a look at the "Join the Club" section!

Is it safe for my dog at The Dog Club?

Please understand that there are exposures associated whenever there are multiple dogs under one roof. However, parents agree that the benefits of education and socialisation outweigh the minimal and unlikely risks associated with a pet care facility. Through our operational policies and commitment to sanitation and hygiene, our professionally trained staff takes every precaution possible to minimise the risks.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us - our professional staff will be happy to discuss this with you. 

What happens if my dog gets wounded?

Please understand that The Dog Club, like most pet care facilities, does NOT pay for veterinary charges associated with any of the foregoing situations. It is beyond our control to absolutely prevent these conditions in a boarding or dog daycare setting. Again, please remember that at The Dog Club these are unlikely exceptions rather than the norm. Most likely, your dog will come home happily tired, clean, and healthy.

We are proud to say that we have been in business for over 3 years and have hundreds of satisfied repeat customers.

What are the dog activities during the day?

Here is how a typical day looks like at the Dog Club:

- 7am: waking up at the Dog Villa with other doggies.

- 8am: heading toward the beach for walking time with the gang!

- 9am: all boarding doggies are brought from the Villa to the Park. Let the fun begins!

- 9am-5pm: it's playtime at The Club. All doggies are running around in the park under careful staff supervision.

- 5pm: feeding time at the Park.

- 6pm: after a quick inspection at the Park, all boarding doggies are brought back to the Dog Villa, for a well-needed night of rest.

Do you offer dog beach walking?

We can provide beach walks in the morning. The doggies leave the Dog Villa at around 8 am with our Dog Taxi. Our staff will take care of the group during the walk along BatuBelig beach. They will walk them, on leash, for one hour (equivalent to 3-4km) before bringing them back to The Dog Club.

Did you say starting the day off right?

My dog loves water. Do you have dog pools?

The Dog Club offers 3 pools: 2 bone-shaped swimming pools in the Park, and 1 standard pool in the Dog Villa. If your doggie loves water, it will be heaven on earth. If water is not his thing, don’t you worry: a lot of happy doggies are running around while avoiding the splashes.

If you want your dog to be more comfortable around water, do not hesitate to book a swimming lesson with our trained staff!

What about fleas and ticks within your facility?

We do not have fleas or ticks at The Dog Club but this does not mean they could never show up on the property. Your dog must always come to our pet care facility free of fleas and ticks. They also must be on flea and tick prevention medication. Your doggie will go through a "check-in inspection" before every access to the Dog Park.

How can I expect my dog to behave after a stay a The Dog Club?

Life at the Dog Club can be very exciting. The dogs often leave the resort feeling exhausted but happy and may sleep more than usual. When their owners are away, dogs can experience a change in their routine and environment. They usually get overly excited and may have diarhea, which is normal. Also, some dogs tend to lose weight due to long hours of recreation/exercise /playtime.

Make sure you feed them well after a long fun day at The Dog Club.