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What do I need to become a member of The Dog Club?

To become part of The Dog Club, you will need to fill out our membership form. This will ensure we have all the information required to keep your doggie healthy and happy in our great facilities. This is totally free of charge and the information collected is for internal use ONLY. The form covers areas such as:

• Your name as well as the doggie’s

• Vaccine records

• Noticeable behaviors

• And many more!

Please if you have any questions while filling up the form, ask us and we will gladly help!

What types of boarding do you offer?

We offer 2 types of boarding: Deluxe and Prestige.

Deluxe includes daily Park access and a night stay at the Dog Villa. The park itself features 2 bone-shaped pools and an agility park area: this is where the doggies have crazy fun all day! The villa also has a pool and private bedrooms on request. You will get access to CCTVs 24/7 as well as receive highlights from your doggie happy time through WA.

The Boarding Prestige includes everything mentioned before along with a daily morning beach walk with friends. Important: we have limited capacities and like to keep it this way for the benefit of all.

Please, do not forget to book your boarding spot in advance, especially for a weekend sleepover! Please do not hesitate to contact us – our professional staff will be happy to discuss this with you.

Through our operational policies and commitment to sanitation and hygiene, our certified, professionally trained staff takes every precaution possible to minimize the risk potential, but please note they are impossible to eliminate entirely.

What's a typical day at The Dog Club

Here is what a typical day looks like at the Club:

7am: wake up at the Dog Villa, either in his private bedroom or all together with friends

8am: heading toward the beach for walking time with the gang!

9am: all boarding doggies are brought from the Villa to the Park. Let the fun begins!

9am - 5pm: it’s playtime at the Club. All doggies are running around in the park under careful staff supervision. 5pm: feeding time at the Park.

6pm: After a quick inspection at the Park, all boarding doggies are brought back to the Dog Villa, for a well-needed night of rest.

Do you have swimming pools for doggies?

The Club offers 3 pools: 2 bone-shaped in the Park, and 1 standard pool in the Villa. If your doggie loves water, it will be heaven on earth. If water is not his thing, no worries: a lot of happy doggies are running around while avoiding the splashes.

If you want your dog to be more comfortable around water, do not hesitate to book a swimming lesson! Pinky will gently introduce your furry friend to this new environment thanks to our small-depth pool. Her experience will be a valuable help!

What are your grooming options?

The Dog Club features a spa saloon and offers our beloved customers grooming, haircut, and much more. You can refer to the price list for our exhaustive list of services. Please ask us if you need special treatment, we will surely be able to accommodate you!

Important: grooming appointment needs to be scheduled in advance. You will be asked to fill up our Grooming form to confirm your booking. This will ensure we have all the information required to make your pup shine!

Will you take my dog for a walk?

We can provide a beach walk in the morning. The doggies leave the Dog Villa at around 8 am with our Dog Taxi.

Two staff will take in charge the group, most probably going down to BatuBelig beach. They will walk them, on a leash, for one hour (equivalent to 3-4km) before bringing them back to the Club.

Did you say starting the day off right?

Can you train my cheeky pup?

A trained doggie is a happy doggie! Please ask our office for a training appointment, our experienced trainer can meet your dog while he is staying with us!

Do you have taxi services for my dog?

We provide taxi services around the neighborhood. Our fleet features one scooter, one Dog Tuk-tuk, and one van.

Depending on your dog, location, and schedule we will use either one of them. Please note the prices are as follows:

• Under 2km: complimentary pick-up and drop-off

• In between 2km-5km: 30k one way

• In between 5km-8km: 50k one way

• More than 8km: our partner pet taxi will do it on our behalf! Price on request.

What does happen if my dog gets into a fight?

While in Group, most dogs love to play vigorously with each other. This interaction is very good for socialization and a great way for your dog to burn energy. During this play, it is NOT uncommon for some dogs to leave with minor cuts or scrapes.

You can rest easy knowing we absolutely do not allow aggressive dogs at The Dog Club. It is also possible for minor cuts or abrasions to go unnoticed. Although very rare, occasionally some rough play may result in more moderate injuries.

Again, we do have certified staff monitoring the dogs at all times. However, no amount of supervision can completely guarantee the prevention of injuries.