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Project Description

Activities & The Dog Park


Activities & The Dog Park


Active Dogs are the Happiest Dogs

As a Pawrent we know that sometimes you’re busy and you have your own schedule and when you look into your pup’s eyes begging you to play outside it’s a heart-breaking moment. But now, you can keep your dogs active and being socialize with other dogs without having to worry about things you have to do. Leave them with us, The Dog Club, keep them happy and healthy is one of our goal!

  • Walk at the Beach / Session IDR 80,000

  • Walking + Shower + Blow Dry IDR 100,000

  • Treadmill IDR 50,000
  • Swimming Class IDR 100,000
  • The Dog Park

    • Daily Pass IDR 50,000
    • Monthly Pass IDR 1,000,000 (Unlimited Access and Discounts to Various Bussiness and Restaurants)

    Discount 25% for the Second Dog, and Discount 50% for the Third Dog

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who knows how to listen…”.